Video Interaction Guidance


Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) aims to enhance communication, between the parent and child in a very unique way.

VIG offers a very positive experience, allowing you to see what you are already doing well. If you are a parent, it helps you to become more attuned to your childs' initiatives and respond accordingly, therefore enhancing the relationship between you both. However, VIG works equally well within schools, for teaching assistants and children, or even with adults in a business context.

It works by you deciding on a goal initially, then a short filming session takes place. The film is then micro-analysed by myself to produce short clips that focuses on the positive interactions between you and your child.  We then have a collaborative video feedback session and particularly concentrate on the positive interactions that have taken place between you and your child. We reflect and discuss how these positive interactions work towards your goal. We go on to explore your feelings, wishes and thoughts and how they can improve your relationship. This usually consists of having around 3 sessions, and behaviours begin to change as you explore the videos of yourself and your child in this interactive and therapeutic way.


Change can be achieved in an empowering and collaborative way using Video Interaction Guidance