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The psychotherapy model that I use within my work is Transactional Analysis (TA). Use of TA in therapy helps people with their personal growth and development. The theory is based on how we communicate and uses child development to help understand our beliefs, behaviours and feelings that originated from our past. The overriding belief is that everyone has the ability to learn and change if they desire to. Using TA in our sessions gives you the opportunity to identify repetitive patterns of behaviour that are usually resulting in negative relationships within your family. Other methods are incorporated within the sessions, using attachment, child development and new parenting techniques gives you the opportunity to gain new information in how to change behaviours and have improved family life.

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After an intial consultation we make a decision around how many sessions we may need to help you reflect, change and try out new ways of being with your child. If you are wanting to make changes in your family please get in touch with me to have an intial consultation.

Email; claire@thejigsawtree.co.uk or to speak with me directly;  01773 825013 or 07974966523.

To find out more about my psychotherapy service with adults, couples, or groups, please see my other website; www.seekingclarity.co.uk


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