Therapeutic Services


Trauma that young people experience, who come into care, are a result of the breakdown of a primary caring relationship. Their development as children may also be impacted by abuse, mental illness, addictions, domestic violence etc. Residential care offers an opportunity for the young people to overcome their trauma through relationships that offer more security and are responsive to their needs. 

Offering Therapeutic Intervention to the team working with the young person, helps to understand the impact of these early experiences and disrupted attachments which is key to supporting a young person’s recovery from trauma. Due to their previous experiences children who have not had consistent parenting develop ways of managing uncontained anxieties and fears through building up defences. As their defences can be behaviourally, emotionally and socially destructive, this can often prevent young people from forming the very much needed relationships which are essential for recovery. 



Consultations for Teams focuses on the relationships with one another and their thinking and responses to the Young Person. Helping the Team to become aware of the unconscious processes that arise within the relationships with one another and the Young Person, giving them a better understanding and awareness of patterns that are being played out. This in turn helps them to begin to attune to their Young Person, and supports the process of connecting within the relationships. Over time, the Team become more confident in supporting how to help regulate their Young Person, have positive interactions, set appropriate limits and boundaries, helping the Young Person relax their defences and trust in the relationship.

Consultations with Team Managers, focuses on their relationship with the Team Member, in a similar process to the consultations with the Team. We look to understand the links behaviourally and emotionally. From this we can decide on approaches that may be more supportive and offer a different perspective on the possible strategies to use moving forwards.

Training, a wide repertoire of bespoke trainings in therapeutic services, e.g. Attachment, Difficult Conversations, etc.

Organisational Change, focuses on the dynamics of the organisation and how each part interlinks, from the top down. Create a therapeutic approach that forms a “golden therapeutic thread” throughout the organisation.



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